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3C Freelance Paralegal Services

Serving the DC, Maryland & Virginia Area

Ciarra R. Miles, MS, CHC

Ciarra R. Miles, now affectionately known as "The People's Paralegal," is the Founder & Chief Operating Officer of 3C Freelance, Incorporated. She received her Bachelors of Science in Paralegal Studies in May 2008 from Stevenson University (formerly Villa Julie College), which is one of very few 4-year paralegal programs that exist in the states. Shortly thereafter, she went on to receive her Masters of Science in Forensic Studies with a concentration in Legal.  

From 2012-2014, she served as the Baltimore County area coordinator for the Maryland Association of Paralegals (MAP). Presently, she serves on the CollegeBound Urban Scholar Program Advisory Panel, which was a scholarship that she was fortunate to receive during her undergraduate career. She serves in efforts to give back to not only the organization, but also to the students who are traveling road similar to her own.

She has been active in the legal arena for over 10+ years which entails working for law firms, major corporations as well as the judicial system. 

Her overarching goal is not just to get the job done, but to assist her clients in becoming knowledgeable of the legal and judicial process.

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