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Family Law Services

We offer a wide variety of Family Law Services including Divorce and Legal Separation. Whether you have already initiated a divorce, have been served with divorce paperwork, or need to file a new case; we can help you. Our skilled staff will help you draft all of the necessary legal documents to begin divorce proceedings.
Need to obtain a child support order on an expedited basis? We can help you get a court hearing date as well as draft all of the necessary legal documents to serve the other party in your case. All of our documents are prepared by our professional staff .
Take the stress and confusion out of your legal case and let a professional handle it for you.

Business Formation Services

Ready to turn your great idea into your own business? Let us help you avoid liability and maximize your tax deductions by formalizing your business with an Incorporation or Limited Liability Company.
Already have a business entity and want to do business under a different name? We can help you file a Fictitious Business Name Statement with the county; everything from drafting your document and notarizing it, to taking it down to the county for filing, we do it all.
Already have an established business? Let us help you avoid your liability to your employees by setting up an employment agreement, Independent Contractors Agreements, etc.  

Estate Planning Services

Asset protection is very important to many people. We can help you make sure that your assets bypass probate (court intervention) and go directly to the people you want to receive your property. Depending on the size of your estate, you may accomplish this with either a Simple Will or Living Trust. If you own real property the need for a Living Trust is most important, large assets such as real property will almost certainly slip into probate if not funded into a Living Trust.
Our Living Trust Packet includes Durable Power of Attorney and an Advanced Healthcare Directive which are both equally important documents to have in the unprecedented event of you becoming incapacitated.

Civil Law Services

Sometimes having to defend yourself in a lawsuit is inevitable. No matter what side of a Summons you find yourself, we can help. If you've been served with a Summons or other court document, you usually have a limited time to respond before the court can rule against you we can help you to avoid default judgment against you.
Has someone caused you to lose money or is responsible for your injury and/or suffering? We can help you draft the appropriate documents to take that person or entity to court.

Resume Services

Need a career change? Just getting back into the workforce? Unemployed? Well you have come to the right place. We will offer resume writing services. We will give you that professional look that all employers look for in the perfect candidate. We offer interview coaching, salary research, and training/empowerment seminars.
Other Miscellaneous Services Include
Notary, Mobile Notary

Notary Services 

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